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How an Endodontist Complements Your Family Dentist

Posted by Rocky Mountain Endodontics on Thu, Aug 20, 2015 @ 13:08 PM


An endodontist has the same foundation as other types of dentists, but they completed extra years of education and training in order to focus on surgical procedures. There’s only so much your family dentist can do — when it comes to more complicated procedures, you need an endodontist (and you need the best). Reputable endodontists have been providing patients with pain-free, efficient and friendly service for years. Putting the patient first and offering the latest technology ensures each procedure is as comfortable as possible and provides lasting results.

Removing wisdom teeth might seem like a routine procedure, and in the world of oral surgery it’s a relatively minor one. However, you still need an endodontist at your chairside for this chipmunk-cheek inducing appointment. It requires the correct anesthesia dosage for the patient, well-trained hands to remove the teeth and the skill to close the surgery area properly for the best results. Taking out wisdom teeth is usually quick, and a great oral surgeon will prep the patient with pre- and after-care instructions to optimize recovery.

Serious Surgery

Patients wouldn’t opt for a tummy tuck or schedule an appointment for a liver transplant without doing their research and finding the absolute best specialist in their region. The same should be true of dental surgery. Corrective jaw surgery, full dental implants and bone grafting are complex procedures. However, the United States has only a few dozen oral surgery training institutions — which means qualified, reputable endodontists are a little scarce.

These types of specialized dentists have years of additional training under their belts. Complemented by a staff who’s dedicated to patients and passionate about oral health, they can give patients an experience that’s as stress-free as possible. Whether it’s an intensive jaw procedure or a recent trauma that has led to unexpected dental implants, you’re putting your health and aesthetics in the hands of a professional. Choose wisely.

The Endo Difference

Patients deserve more than the best surgery experience. They deserve a caring staff, convenient locations, endodontists with a stellar chairside manner and a supportive environment — that’s the endo difference and why you should never trust a general dentist with even so-called minor surgical procedures and root canals. Facing any type of surgery can be a little scary, whether it’s a single wisdom tooth being removed or extensive jaw surgery following an accident. No matter how minor or major the procedure, relying on a dental team with a great reputation and the experience to match can make a world of difference.

With the perfect partner for your family dentist — assuming you are creating your own dental wonder team — you know great results are in your future. Contact Rocky Mountain Endodontics to make your dental team stronger with an endodontist on board.