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We use the latest state-of-the-art technology including lasers, microscopy, digital x-rays, CBCT, and intra-oral cameras for precise, predictable results.

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Why Use Lasers For Root Canals?

Posted by Rocky Mountain Endodontics on Tue, Mar 25, 2014 @ 18:03 PM

We’re really excited about the equipment that we have in our office. Technology is making the root canal procedure easier, faster and less painful. 

Lasers can be a cutting instrument. They can replace an actual instrument, and there can be a benefit to that:

  • Less scarring
  • Less bleeding
  • Better healing rates

We want to then take the natural process of the body and make it heal faster.

There are certain medicines we put inside the tooth to get rid of bacteria, and the laser can carry those medicines into places of the tooth that we couldn’t otherwise get to. We’re very much limited by physics – surface tensions, lines of sight, curvatures and vectors. The laser can get us into perpendicular areas, lateral canals and other little accessory spots inside the tooth.

You may be suffering from a root canal that clearly didn’t go well for you. Come in and see us and let us see if laser is the appropriate technology for your situation. We want to help and we want to provide you with the best chance of success.