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No one wants to get a root canal. But when you need it, we're here to give you the best possible care and eliminate your tootache. Learn more about the treatments below or schedule a consultation with one of our doctors.

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At RME, we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality medical care in a timely manner.
We value the trust our patients have in us.
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Treatment you can afford

Sometimes the need for root canals happens unexpectedly. We are committed to providing
service that’s not only the highest quality, but affordable as well. Whether or not you have an
insurance plan, we can work together to find a solution for your financial situation.
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Salt Lake City Endodontics - Rocky Mountain Endodontics


At Rocky Mountain Endodontics, our specialty is dental pulp—it’s not glamorous, but we have a “soft spot” for dental dirty work. As specialists, our endodontists and team of support staff provide a number of services and procedures to our neighbors in Salt Lake City. From endodontic therapy (also known as root canal therapy) to the treatment of dental trauma, like cracked teeth, we’re the dental team you want chair-side during your most intense dental emergencies. Endodontic retreatment, root canals and dental surgeries are sometimes necessary. If you’re facing a serious dental treatment, you deserve to have the best on your side.

Dental pulp is full of nerves and other important (and sensitive) necessities. When it’s damaged or diseased, you need the best endodontic treatment in order to save the tooth—and yourself from needless pain and suffering. Unlike general dentists, endodontists choose to undertake an additional two or three years of postgraduate schooling after obtaining their dental degree.

Something to Smile About

In the US, there are only 50 endodontic training programs. For SLC residents, they’re lucky to be in close proximity to one of the finest endodontic practices in the country. At Rocky Mountain Endodontics, we only have one goal: To provide you with premium specialty dentistry and make a tough situation easier, smoother and as comfortable as possible.

Every member on our staff team is committed to the specialty, and to giving you back that winning smile. While regular dental care is crucial for overall health and well-being, sometimes you have to dig a little deeper to get the best results. We understand that facing any type of surgery or trauma can be scary and overwhelming. That’s why we match the best dental practices with fantastic customer service.

The Rocky Mountain Difference

From the moment you arrive to your follow-up appointment, the Rocky Mountain Endodontics staff members make you—our patients, neighbors and friends—our top priority. Things can get a little too rocky in the Rockies sometimes. When that happens, we’re at your service and will get you on the road to recovery as soon as possible.

We get it. Seeing a “specialist” can sound like a big deal, but when the root system of your teeth isn’t 100 percent, it certainly can be. That’s why we work with our patients to design a plan of action that works with you, your preferences and your insurance. What’s so special about our specialists? Come find out, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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